14 September 2012

Little bit of dis from VA-KAY

Labor day week Kirsten and I rolled out to 'Tana. Stopped in Whitefish for a bit, went hiking, fishing, tubing, grilling, and drinking. Then missoula where more drinking and sad excuses of climbing technique and old friends existed. 

Overall it was an amazing trip that made me miss the city i had called home for the past little bit, but satisfied that it won't be changing anytime soon and excited to explore of the Pacific Northwest with my sugar mountain girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNDAY TINY!!! 

Kirsten lookin' nice and wind swept enroute to missoula....

Cowboy Rmono looking fit on the finest problem in the Land of the Bitteroot.

Kirsten working out "The Duke" at Lost Horse

The last supper in Missoula land=hand rolled sushi. 

This past week I as fortunate enough to cross paths with the local 5.10 rep. "Greg" was friendly enough, and seemed like an alright guy. Then he threw me down the 2013 aggressive/soft/cowboymoccasim slippers, the 5.10 "Desperado."

Right on!

the shoes are the anasazi moc, down turned slightly, with a real heal, and somewhat low volume. I fond the shoes best in textured smearing, and slightly overhangy/to steep pulling with the toe live action moves.

"Desperado Detail"

The Pole Creek Fire 6 miles outside of Sisters. reminiscent of Mt Vesuvius?

Headed here tom at 8am, the central washington metropolis- WENATCHEE!