27 July 2012

The hip dyno

how NOT to crimb. Zero points status

i've been slacking on this blog for a couple reasons.
1- haven't been climbing that much. one dick around session after work once a week and the circuit on the weekends (more so for my ego than training). nothing extrodinary to report.

2- I don't have internet in sisters.

3- spending 8 hrs a day hiking through this


    with bloody shins in the heat is not conducive to climbing psyche.

With that said; MONTANA TIME is fast approaching. In exactly 5 glorious weeks i will be in the land of milk and honey. And  if i want to send BUG EYES or BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE or CLASSIC OVERHANG....then  it's high time to start training.

should i train power?

or my achilles heal; that demon that has plagued me for the last 24 years....FLEXABILITY!

ideal endproduct; wine guzzling, cheese munching, v12 crunching BBs

01 July 2012

As of late

The infamous "Black Butte"

North Sister dominatin'

Timber industry; what once powered Mill City (now a strung out ghost town on HWY 20).

I've mastered the self-belayed-top-rope circuit of the Sister's Boulders. Here's one of the harder lines.

note the beer can for scale.

Hemingway + chess vs Igor= keeping my intellect engaged. I'm 12-27 against the russian computer. Not too bad...

Meadowcamp Bldrs in Bend

"Snail Trail" V-slpey

what bouldering at smith could be....

what bouldering at smith is.......