14 September 2011

Next Adventure

At long last, the employment gods of portland have smiled down upon yours truly. After getting shut down for a security guard position, LiDar Laser Shooting Geographer, Route setter, climbing gym front-desker, wool baselayer sales person, whole foods cashier slave, REI bitch, 20+ breweries i dropped off resumes at AND enduring weeks of yardwork, nannying, and folding clothes @ Columbia @ 6am (booooooooooooo), I have (somehow) ascertained full time employment from Portland's Alternative Gear Shop:

so what?, you might say. well, i'll tell ya what. I will be getting paid to research climbing gear and inventory what we have vs. what we need, make friends (OMG!!!!), and sling as many Solutions and Blackwings at gym rats as possible. Speaking of being a gym rat, I will have free entry to the

Other perks include free lift tickets to SkiBowl, and ENCOURAGED vacation time to go HERE in the winter.....