25 July 2011


Of the fishing type....sort of.....

Flathead Lake as seen from Reed's fishing map

Sonar checking out where the fishies are hidin

Doing my part to curtail the Lake Trout population

Proof that technology can help even the most inept fishing retards out there catch a couple minnows...Murdering Lake Trout round two!!!!

05 July 2011


quick update; finger isnt broken, but totally blew the A2 pulley in my middle finger (in the picture above, it is that weird gRay stuff by the 3rd knuckle. though this doesn't explain why its growing sideways/crooked....). i've been taping it into submission and attempting to climb at the Circuit(s), which might be the sickest gyms i have ever been too (click HERE to see pics). though this masochistic approach to da injury isnt the best (evidenced when i wake up in the A.M. feeling like my finger is made of glass and throbbing), its helped retain the majority of my sanity.

vanlife is getting old, looking for home soon.

went exploring the past long weekend and found a couple nice local spots. One is quite established, on the super DL, and has sick hard problems. The other area is kind of obscure, dirtier than an 80s porno, no approach and a TON of virgin pebbles waiting to be picked. More on those later, but some pics for now.

3 vastly different vegetation types on the short approach to the Bridge of the Gods boulder area.

In an attempt to battle with poison oak, kirsten implements mad low riding skillz.


checking out White Lines

turns out climbing is hard when you're fat and with 7 fingers....weird..... Myself getting shut the fuck down.

Lotus Throne, v10. one of the most impressive/impossible lines i've ever seen.

Pictures of secret boulders less than 30 miles from the family stronghold at Mt Hood. PSYCHED!


Nighty night!