18 November 2010

soixante-douze jours

just confirmed i'll be on a 72 day (yes, thats seventy two!) whirlwind trip next spring. here are some destinations

Some problem in Cresciano i will most likely flash


let the jealous hate spewing commence....

16 November 2010

Barbaric Bavarian Bouldering

Veteran's day 2010 provided the last forseeable weekend for outdoor climbing until bishop land, so a posse traveled to central washington to check out the granite pebbles of Leavenworth, WA. Though we struck out with the weather (and attaining any sort of points), it was a fun weekend which ended up being far more socially entertaining than focused on climbing. Which was a-o-kay!

Here are some pictures Jesse took. Also, here's a link to more pretty pictures he takes. http://www.jessespaulding.com/Home.html

Kirsten on some of the most featured granite anywhere

Fueled by PBR and "sending temps", Scott sends Resurrection

We were graced with the presence of Mike "Maddog" Madison; former missoula rock crusher

Our AWESOME cabin for the last night.

Darkness falls quickly in PacificStandardTime. So drinking games of YAHTZEE obviously had to ensue.....

....with shotgunning consequences. Here Emily contemplates shotgun number 4

Kirsten getting after it...

Chubby Bunny. Biggest send of the trip pour moi

02 November 2010


great day at whiskey, as it's the place to be these days (http://boulderingmontana.com/2010/11/02/caught-in-the-act-ion/). scotty and i went out tues and were able to wrap up a couple little boulder problems and flail on another few. here are some pics.....

Optimism that both sparker and i managed

Scotty demonstrating how tiny the 2nd hold on Optimism is