26 October 2010

25 October 2010


Scotty trying hard for the 3rd ascent

24 October 2010

October 24

slept in till four.

then edited some photos......

20 October 2010


Swampdonkey- no send


13 October 2010


The weather yesterday epitomized what fall climbing temps are all about. Cool morning, sunshine, a crisp breeze, and never getting hotter than 55 in the bitterroot. Maybe other people didn't recognize theses ideal conditions (OR THEY FLAKED ON ME), but i could not for the life of me find a climbing partner in missoula. Not to be detered, lost horse sounded like the best option for lowballs with good landings. And cuz i hadn't been there in a bout a month since the latest boulder bash sep11. The festival is great, it brings numerous out of town climbers there, and for a fleeting moment there is a sense of a climbing community in missoula. All of this is great, but for the THIRD STRAIGHT YEAR there have been scorecards duct taped to boulders numerous days ( about 30 in this case) after the comp. WHAT....THE...FUCK! CLEAN UP YOUR SHIT

06 October 2010

ridiculous fun

joe is back, doing what he does best....wrestle lowballs with highgrades

(i don't think he sent)

Jesse left us, so now its up to scotty to play with seagulls and bring the fun

or just fall upside down

kirsten's bday. more ridiculous fun

oh.....and a boulder we found.......

cept its hidden in montana.....