30 August 2010


Back in missoula; FINALLY! had a great couple days in the FORT with JD and Kenny Klein. Then i happened to leave about $600 worth of gear on top of my car and zoomed out like a bat outta hell. Luckily Ken found it, and someday soon-ish i'll have my camera back and climbing shoes. One can only climb so hard with blown out Madrock Hotties. Like stand-start to Bug Eyes hard.

Moved into a new place with Kyle SPACECAT Neeley. Surrrounded by "Whiskey Tango."

Also been playing scrabble, scrambling on rocks, and just kicking it with the Lady. Last game i Scrabbled with an 80 pt score. kinda a big deal.

Not too much climbing to speak of; just getting back into the swing of things and getting some credits knocked out so i can graduate come winter time.

till next time.....

-turd B.

09 August 2010

All quiet on the Western Slope

summer is ticking away in junktown... a bit too slowly. between trips to Bangs Canyon (GJs sport crag) and trips to carrrboooonnnnndale and joes, i've found ways to keep busy.

no new sends as of late, or great insight.......ceepppttt.... the ARCADE FIRE HAVE A NEW ALBUM!!! just got it tonight, and here's one of my favs called "Ready to Start"...have a listen....

here are some pretty pictures and shit....

the training barn

Bangs Canyon- sick sport routes in an old micah mine

my home, in Palisade. an up and coming vinyard