29 May 2014

Leavenworth Memorial Day 2014

Life is rough in Icicle Canyon when your campsite gets poached WITH YOUR TENT SET UP. Brandon chilling.

Indian Paintbrush.

Tiny wrestlin slippery slopers in Mountain Home.

Kirsten did a 12 mile trail run into the Enchantments. Here's Cholchuck Lake. Not ugly. 

Trying hard on WAS in the rain. 

04 May 2014


Whoa. Change, lots of change. I suck at keeping this thing up to date. 

Siiinnnce Vegas, numerous Smith Trips have happened. Projects have FINALLY  started to go down. Climbing around pdx more. Getting way amped for summer weekend warrior status in our comfortable mobile chariot, Julius the Element. 

We LOVE car camping!

Detailed view of the inside.....

Waking up on the road, love it. Can't get enough of this. 

Breakfast Scramble= Road Warrior Fuel of Choice, and the miracle hangover cure all. Just ask JD....

This past weekend we went to Vantage. Not the best crag in the world, but it was dry and the company was good. Nikki and Ian goofing around

Vantage is where i experience my first ever whipper, on Kings of Ruin, back in '08. I was way in over my head. Jesse and mike gave me loads of shit and love retelling the story of me locking off for ever and taking a 6" fall. Here I was, in all my helmet glory...flailing.

Annnndd flash forward to 2014. I had high hopes of putting this bad boy to bed. Unfortunately, a flabby-50-year-chain-smoking-toothless-Vantage-sensi tried lighting a cig while engaged in the knee bar and ruined all stoke. At least I progressed to a one hang, so that's cool.

Ian on the best v6 around Portland, White Lines at The Bridge of the Gods. (I stole all these pictures off of nikki's flickr, sorry nikki.) This and Dracula are the two absolute most dos for portland climbers.

Training these days= lots of water, MOON board, IPAs, and weighted pullups.

Trying hard and gettin' it done at Smith on The Quickening.

Windmills in Nowhere Washington.

This blog has been a random bunch of climbing rambles and narcissistic photos. Going forward, i hope to intertwine some of my favorite things into a not so specialized blog exclusively about silly rock climbing. Well, there will still be silly climbing. But look forward to more random beer posts, Tiny Bubbles, random outdoor trips, nerdy GIS and LiDAR shit,  and other whatever i feel like posts.

Currently enjoying a case of these...mmmmmmmmm Yellow Snoowww.

12 January 2014

Vegas Part 2: The Panty Wall

Our lone rope day this past trip was spent at the Panty Wall at the First Pullout. 

Offering excellent varnished sandstone patina sport, everyone crushed and had an awesome day. Big Point getters go out to Brandon and Kate, for their simultaneous crushfests. Ya dudes!

B surfing through some nice moderate crimping and pimping.

when in rome...Tiny gives climbing naked a whirl....

"It's Good!"

Self-timer fail...

Dani crushing 

and finally a clip of Brandon flashing "Totally Clips"; a super fun and sustained crimpy joyride. Strong work dude!

08 January 2014

Vegas Part 1: The Pebbles

New Years saw an all-star cast gather in Sin City for some perfect desert sunshine and sandstone. 

Though we didn't quite get a whole ton of points (well, Joe did. Alot), we had an awesome time crushing PBRS, soaking up the sun, and enjoying old friend's company.

Some of my favorite climbs from the trip were Porkchop, Jack of All Trades, The Pearl, The Dirty Rail, Monkey Bar Direct (as agonizingly close as I was, still a fun problem), and The Fountainhead (need to get better at slopers and start stretching).

Here are some pics. Stay tuned for a lil bit of ropes next....

Hamblock on the Porkchop. She sent once the camera was donezo. 


Joe trying hard on the only (?) problem that eluded him, Alexisizer. The ladies are unimpressed. 

Seppi showing the beta for the ultra-mega Vino Rojo

K$ giving Alexisizer a go. 

Kirsten working out micro-crimp beta for The Pearl. Note the lens that wouldn't close in the upper left, signifying the end of my camera. 

How not to do the Angel Dyno

Giving The Fountainhead a squeeze. Such beautiful stone and setting in Black Velvet Canyon. 

Sarah trying hard in cheetah tights on The Little

Enjoying the last little bit of Vitamin D before the return to the rainy season.

And finally, a little video of Joe sending a couple of awesome problems. Homeboy did somewhere between 10-11 v6/7s (depending on slash grades/diaper spots). POINTS! Strong work. 

03 November 2013


 Been a while since posting. A lot has happened. Finished the most current round of schooling. had a bout of elbow tendonitis. Had an awesome montana trip. Spent another week in central oregon. Started running more. Constantly on the job hunt. Here are some pictures.

A very drunk and happy JD post "starfish"


Kirsten trying had @ Widgi Creek in Bend

Brandon and I trying hard....

 Bq and Molly's wedding. so rad.

 Kyle working the crux of "Evil Knievel" @ Lucky Strike on Homestake Pass. Awesome awesome area. Higher quality of granite than Whiskey. My personal favorites from the day were "The Mad Hatter" and "The Long Knife." Joe has far more indepth information on his blog here

Biggest send of our 3 day Squamish trip...better luck next year!

Kirsten has really been getting after running. here she hydrates post trail race in Bend.

I've also been getting after it. Me "running" in Squamish.

More running action. 

 Rob's halloween costume; LEGO Spiderman.

 Also of note, the Portland Boulder Rally was a huge success. Jimmy Webb and Alex Puccio dominated, erm DOMINATED!

Here are the highlights in case you weren't there....

Hopefullly be getting schooled in the ways of Vegas sandstone come the new year. Here someone works out "The Gift."

"Tailpipe" is also on the hitlist.