12 January 2014

Vegas Part 2: The Panty Wall

Our lone rope day this past trip was spent at the Panty Wall at the First Pullout. 

Offering excellent varnished sandstone patina sport, everyone crushed and had an awesome day. Big Point getters go out to Brandon and Kate, for their simultaneous crushfests. Ya dudes!

B surfing through some nice moderate crimping and pimping.

when in rome...Tiny gives climbing naked a whirl....

"It's Good!"

Self-timer fail...

Dani crushing 

and finally a clip of Brandon flashing "Totally Clips"; a super fun and sustained crimpy joyride. Strong work dude!

08 January 2014

Vegas Part 1: The Pebbles

New Years saw an all-star cast gather in Sin City for some perfect desert sunshine and sandstone. 

Though we didn't quite get a whole ton of points (well, Joe did. Alot), we had an awesome time crushing PBRS, soaking up the sun, and enjoying old friend's company.

Some of my favorite climbs from the trip were Porkchop, Jack of All Trades, The Pearl, The Dirty Rail, Monkey Bar Direct (as agonizingly close as I was, still a fun problem), and The Fountainhead (need to get better at slopers and start stretching).

Here are some pics. Stay tuned for a lil bit of ropes next....

Hamblock on the Porkchop. She sent once the camera was donezo. 


Joe trying hard on the only (?) problem that eluded him, Alexisizer. The ladies are unimpressed. 

Seppi showing the beta for the ultra-mega Vino Rojo

K$ giving Alexisizer a go. 

Kirsten working out micro-crimp beta for The Pearl. Note the lens that wouldn't close in the upper left, signifying the end of my camera. 

How not to do the Angel Dyno

Giving The Fountainhead a squeeze. Such beautiful stone and setting in Black Velvet Canyon. 

Sarah trying hard in cheetah tights on The Little

Enjoying the last little bit of Vitamin D before the return to the rainy season.

And finally, a little video of Joe sending a couple of awesome problems. Homeboy did somewhere between 10-11 v6/7s (depending on slash grades/diaper spots). POINTS! Strong work.