03 November 2013


 Been a while since posting. A lot has happened. Finished the most current round of schooling. had a bout of elbow tendonitis. Had an awesome montana trip. Spent another week in central oregon. Started running more. Constantly on the job hunt. Here are some pictures.

A very drunk and happy JD post "starfish"


Kirsten trying had @ Widgi Creek in Bend

Brandon and I trying hard....

 Bq and Molly's wedding. so rad.

 Kyle working the crux of "Evil Knievel" @ Lucky Strike on Homestake Pass. Awesome awesome area. Higher quality of granite than Whiskey. My personal favorites from the day were "The Mad Hatter" and "The Long Knife." Joe has far more indepth information on his blog here

Biggest send of our 3 day Squamish trip...better luck next year!

Kirsten has really been getting after running. here she hydrates post trail race in Bend.

I've also been getting after it. Me "running" in Squamish.

More running action. 

 Rob's halloween costume; LEGO Spiderman.

 Also of note, the Portland Boulder Rally was a huge success. Jimmy Webb and Alex Puccio dominated, erm DOMINATED!

Here are the highlights in case you weren't there....

Hopefullly be getting schooled in the ways of Vegas sandstone come the new year. Here someone works out "The Gift."

"Tailpipe" is also on the hitlist.