12 May 2013

Gold Bar aka Bataan Death March

This past weekend I went outside climbing. Or more like outside hiking with a crash pad. Gold Bar, WA boasts some unreal granite. Swiss-esque. However, the prized granite is unfortunately located on private land. This means those seeking to wrestle pebbles must trudge 3 miles uphill on a deserted logging road to the main area. I did the hike. Went to Obesity (best 7 to date?), briefly tried some other stuff, tore the crap outta my legs, hiked out, tried to take short cuts, got lost at dusk, and ended up at my friend's house in DT Seattle at about 10:30.

Less than stoked on the approach, I opted for a lesser walk to the "Five Star Boulder" the next afternoon. Incredibly misconstrued as "the best boulder in America" by the guidebook author, it's a sweet bloc (personally I think the Wills of Fire Wall is more impressive). Only about a half mile up hill this time around. Came close on some stuff, kinda almost tried hard, got anxious for points and drove to Leavenworth with the sole ambition of putting down some projects. Straight outta the car, nothing went. Nothing even came remotely close to "going." Frustrated, I ate a pound a spaghetti, read, and went to sleep.

The next morning I made a point of going to a new area I've never been too (Pretty Boulders), and then going to try something intentionally outta my league to build psyche (Cotton Pony). The psyche is high on new problems but I vow NEVER TO RETURN TO BOULDER ON GRANITE IN LESS THAN 80 DEGREE WEATHER. EVER. unless there is cold beer involved....

Here are some pictures.

The Clearcut @ Gold Bar; home to thousands and thousands of blackberry bushes (not in season, just sharp)

Were the good gentlemen from Lolo Bouldering here recently? Tasteful chalk art in Levy (no I did not draw this abomination).

Fraggle Rock @ Gold Bar; awesome festival of pinches and lockoffs

Feeling out the rose move on "Obesity" 

and here's a self-indulgent video of one of the better lowballz i've done in a while; Sobriosity at the Five Star Boulder in Gold Bar.