12 March 2013

Daylight Savings

Springing forward. Aka Spring Climbing in full effect.
This past saturday we met up with BQ, Molly, Ken, and Ethan for a day of truly Suns Out Guns Out rock climbing at Smiff. It twas great. Left our house at 6:30 am (IN THE MORNING!), and got back at midnight. Great day. Here are some pics.

Tiny about to get hauled down to the cliffs...

Ken aka Mr Mill Creek soaking up some Central Orygun sun

BQ attempting to soak up sun....


BQ on my favorite route of the weekend, Five Easy Pieces Start

Kirsten pulling onto Up For Grabs

Photo stance- sprawled with beer

B entering the crux of Up for Grabs. Gotta get this boy some brighter colors

Ken sending TOXIC

The choice shoe for Smiff

"My anti-style for sure" Nice KEN!

From dawn till dusk, another awesome full day in the central orygun choss desert, SMIFF.

03 March 2013

BQ-ed in Smiff

This past weekend saw us soaking up the send in the little utopian town of bend- where the beer is delicious, everyone is good looking, and the vitamin (vit-e-men as the Brits say) D falls from the sky in golden beams. 

BQ (aka, ninja-smoke-jumer brendan quinn, aka lil Bs these days) making short work of the mega-classic "TOXIC." After a solid two months of trapping bobcats, chawing, and living in bumfuck eastern oregon (=strong off the couch, kinda like JD is always strong off the snowboard), this dude climbs to the fricking chains (THE CHAINS!!!) and punts off the top!!! AHHH! He'll piss on it next week. 

da dyno beta

 then the punt....

these clowns...

smiff detail

kirsten getting a feel for the goods. Bum-ankle=no heel hook love. 

myself working "The Quickening"

FINALLY doing the big lock-off crux. And then i forgot the next sequence...whatevs. 

smiff. So purdy. Hopefully be back soon...