27 February 2013


I post a lot (recently the majority) about non-climbing related things. I have no idea who reads this or why they read it, but I hope the content isn't too non-sequitur.

Here's something EVERYONE can and should appreciate- climbing vid with a cause. Check it out. No, I'm not in it. No, I didn't compete. No, I don't know erik. Yes, I do work at this gym. Yes, I did drink a lot of beer that night.

26 February 2013


the one and only Scotty Parker and the LIL SMOKIES are going big folks....or attempting to. Donate if you can, if not, check out the SIC footage.

more info, http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1427763312/lil-smokies-debut-album

18 February 2013

HD Carver climbing clip

Here's a video of my co-worker, the young and restless micah bishop doing some nice problems in the vampire forest of Carver.

Carver Sessions from Micah Bishop on Vimeo.

13 February 2013

Fun Fun Feb

Kirsten and I. Who knew training could be so...distracting?

Also, check out what this string-bean italian can do. Skip to minute 5