29 January 2013


hello all yee faithful internet blog followers (if there are any of you)! 

something NON-climbing related to delight your eyes and ears with....

21 January 2013

JAN Update

Not a whole lot of outside climbing to report, just steady gym-rat status as SCHOLV2.0 has come to occupy free time. Ohhh intro community college classes, how you have the full spectrum of students. Grandpas, unemployed 50 year olds, hippies, dirtbags, 19 year olds, and me and my type of round-2ers. 

Really can't say i've done anything cool yet, just played with excel and gotten thoroughly lost in ArcMap. Yes yes. Having fun. Here's an old map I did in Montana of MT HOOD (i have no idea HOW i did it, but hopefully with more community college edumacations i can do more). 

A couple days ago, Kirsten, Clayton, Brandon, and myself rolled down for a day-trip to the land of pockets and nobs= Smithtopia. Sunshine, busy crags, obnoxious dogs, old lady crusher locals beta spraying, and fun ensued.  

Clayton stylin' Freshly Squeezed. Check out his arms!

RatCave Jeff working out Darkness at Noon

Yesterday marked the first day of training. "Hate-yourself sundays" in full effect with this nice little invention, courtesy of Das Gullich

"You must double zee powwahh!"

hopefully this training will pay off, as spring break 2013 (theme-fortys and flashing) is looming just weeks away....here's a nice vid highlighting some problems i'm psyched on. pardon the music, i know it's bad, but the footage! yum...enjoy

Joe's Valley in April from chris on Vimeo.