03 November 2013


 Been a while since posting. A lot has happened. Finished the most current round of schooling. had a bout of elbow tendonitis. Had an awesome montana trip. Spent another week in central oregon. Started running more. Constantly on the job hunt. Here are some pictures.

A very drunk and happy JD post "starfish"


Kirsten trying had @ Widgi Creek in Bend

Brandon and I trying hard....

 Bq and Molly's wedding. so rad.

 Kyle working the crux of "Evil Knievel" @ Lucky Strike on Homestake Pass. Awesome awesome area. Higher quality of granite than Whiskey. My personal favorites from the day were "The Mad Hatter" and "The Long Knife." Joe has far more indepth information on his blog here

Biggest send of our 3 day Squamish trip...better luck next year!

Kirsten has really been getting after running. here she hydrates post trail race in Bend.

I've also been getting after it. Me "running" in Squamish.

More running action. 

 Rob's halloween costume; LEGO Spiderman.

 Also of note, the Portland Boulder Rally was a huge success. Jimmy Webb and Alex Puccio dominated, erm DOMINATED!

Here are the highlights in case you weren't there....

Hopefullly be getting schooled in the ways of Vegas sandstone come the new year. Here someone works out "The Gift."

"Tailpipe" is also on the hitlist.

12 June 2013

12 May 2013

Gold Bar aka Bataan Death March

This past weekend I went outside climbing. Or more like outside hiking with a crash pad. Gold Bar, WA boasts some unreal granite. Swiss-esque. However, the prized granite is unfortunately located on private land. This means those seeking to wrestle pebbles must trudge 3 miles uphill on a deserted logging road to the main area. I did the hike. Went to Obesity (best 7 to date?), briefly tried some other stuff, tore the crap outta my legs, hiked out, tried to take short cuts, got lost at dusk, and ended up at my friend's house in DT Seattle at about 10:30.

Less than stoked on the approach, I opted for a lesser walk to the "Five Star Boulder" the next afternoon. Incredibly misconstrued as "the best boulder in America" by the guidebook author, it's a sweet bloc (personally I think the Wills of Fire Wall is more impressive). Only about a half mile up hill this time around. Came close on some stuff, kinda almost tried hard, got anxious for points and drove to Leavenworth with the sole ambition of putting down some projects. Straight outta the car, nothing went. Nothing even came remotely close to "going." Frustrated, I ate a pound a spaghetti, read, and went to sleep.

The next morning I made a point of going to a new area I've never been too (Pretty Boulders), and then going to try something intentionally outta my league to build psyche (Cotton Pony). The psyche is high on new problems but I vow NEVER TO RETURN TO BOULDER ON GRANITE IN LESS THAN 80 DEGREE WEATHER. EVER. unless there is cold beer involved....

Here are some pictures.

The Clearcut @ Gold Bar; home to thousands and thousands of blackberry bushes (not in season, just sharp)

Were the good gentlemen from Lolo Bouldering here recently? Tasteful chalk art in Levy (no I did not draw this abomination).

Fraggle Rock @ Gold Bar; awesome festival of pinches and lockoffs

Feeling out the rose move on "Obesity" 

and here's a self-indulgent video of one of the better lowballz i've done in a while; Sobriosity at the Five Star Boulder in Gold Bar. 

24 April 2013

In case you havn't seen it already....

the full length Bozeman Sport climbing movie is available....and its FREE!!! sahweett

Bozeman Montana Sport Climbing from Kristopher Zigich on Vimeo.

02 April 2013

Joe's Valley Trip

Spring break marked a return to the sandstone bouldering mecca of Central Utah-ORANGEVILLE. This would be my 3rd spring break trip, and after the end of the trip I counted AT LEAST 30+ climbing days  I've spent in the valley of Joe. I'm constantly affixed by the idea of returning to an area, being slightly stronger/training some weak point of my climbing and having 100s of "new" problems to choose from. This trip I finally sacked up and tried problems I've been "saving." Though the shear number of v-points wasn't as overwhelming as last trip (*see previous trip post about Joe and Scotty doing almost every 7 in the Joe's), I left content with  MASSIVE progress on projects and a couple of sends. 

Enough wordy bullshit, here are some pics....

Clayton working "Golden Plates"

Mike trying hard, straight outta the truck

Kirsten's TH face on "Bring the Heatwole."Notice the vein in forehead popping. 

Myself FINALLY being able to do the lockoff on "Kinda Brawney"

Clayton working "Stand UP" to Resident Evil

 Kirsten learning how to knee bar on "Chips"

End of first day at New Joes. Clayton is content.


We spend our rest day in Moab. I've only bouldered at Big Bend and climbed up at Mill Creek, never spent anytime in any of the national parks. Arches NP is def worth paying the $10 to have your mind blown by the geology/scenery combo.

Delicate arch

Kirsten doing some rock-yoga with the opening moves of "Phoney Baloney"

Yup. Bouldering trips sure are hard.

Ramiro's hands are 5 days ON. "He is like, beast-mutant man...I'm having fun, but just not when I'm doing the highballs, just when I'm on top of the boulder" -Post flash of "The Wind Below"

 Myself utilizing all the not-so-secret beta on "The Worm Turns"

Kirsten sending "Stumble Bum Traverse." Such a little Fart Figgin' Stumblebum

 ALWAYS projects for next time....my highpoint on "Worst Case Scenario."

and a lil vid

12 March 2013

Daylight Savings

Springing forward. Aka Spring Climbing in full effect.
This past saturday we met up with BQ, Molly, Ken, and Ethan for a day of truly Suns Out Guns Out rock climbing at Smiff. It twas great. Left our house at 6:30 am (IN THE MORNING!), and got back at midnight. Great day. Here are some pics.

Tiny about to get hauled down to the cliffs...

Ken aka Mr Mill Creek soaking up some Central Orygun sun

BQ attempting to soak up sun....


BQ on my favorite route of the weekend, Five Easy Pieces Start

Kirsten pulling onto Up For Grabs

Photo stance- sprawled with beer

B entering the crux of Up for Grabs. Gotta get this boy some brighter colors

Ken sending TOXIC

The choice shoe for Smiff

"My anti-style for sure" Nice KEN!

From dawn till dusk, another awesome full day in the central orygun choss desert, SMIFF.