08 October 2012

Monday Funday

Hellow Cyber Nerds! 

All is well from portland. The sun is shining. I am not working today (thank YOU chris columbus for giving federal employees a national holiday!). 

Portland Boulder Rally 2012 was saturday. Pink manpris were in full effect. Kirsten "Tiny Buffalo" crushed it, having a personal best day ever, doing two 6s and her first 7! Placing 14th in women's advanced. 

I did alright, placing 15th in advanced. Given the lack of climbing the past 3 weeks, i was pretty dang happy with the day. The bottle of memosa during the comp certainly helped too....

Finals were DOMINATED by the 5 time national champ, 2 time world champ, alex johnson. Pretty cool to see someone that strong make every thing look PISS easy.

Men's finals were much closer, and im not sure who won. Matty hong? Strong hipster dude? Dunno.

Pretty much the good word from portland. Taking a week off of work/doing anything as tomorrow i will get my teeth yanked and get messssed upp!


01 October 2012

Sisters Vid

Quick sampler of some problems I'd been working on over the summer that I was able to put to bed before my 14 day roll. More on that later. Enjoy this for now, i'm off to do 1,000 situps and try and burn the 45,980 calories i injested sitting and doing mop up all day.