19 May 2012

Central Orygun

                                                                 The School Room

                                                                 Mono muncher

                                                                       Merica and Jefferson

                                                              school room again

                                                      first thing you see as you park for the bldrs

 3 sisters

15 May 2012

Last weekend

we went up to leavenworth. Here's a vid.

08 May 2012

Slugs on da Slopers

 SUMMMMMERR! YAAAHOOOOO! done with work for a week, enjoying the sunshine (WHAT?!! Ya, its sunny here), getting psyched for climbing outside, beer all the time (official American drink of the months june-aug), and in a good spot.

This past weekend we were graced by team Spaulding International Cinema.

It was great to see familiar faces, talk about Missoula gossip, Bitterroot Projects, show off my shop on my last day (lotsa booze!), check out the "super-moon" and compare and contrast the old home vs new home. 

 Monday was ammmaazzing. 80 and sunny. Bombed out to the gorge, punted off some shit at BotGods (got SCARED!), and went to bed at 9pm. Today was a lil cooler, and Carver was in the cards. Did some old stuff, tried some new stuff, had some fun.

The "Stump Boulder." Home to two 3s, a 5, a 7, two 9s, a 10,  an 11, and an undone project. Can you say squeeze job?

"Tim's Bldr." Only picture with any editing. Home to two 2s, three 4s, a 5, a 7, and a 10. More contrivances.

The compression classic "Cedar Project"

Most people find there's a 3-move stopper sequence on Cedar; bumping the right hand, getting the left nothing sloper, and moving off the sloper to the sidepull jug. These moves are hard, for sure. But being BBs and anti-dynamic, I found the first momentum sideways lurch to be the toughest. 

 The "bump"move. Entails huge drive-by spock move to open hand greasenasty. 

The nothing hold. As the name implies, it sucks.

quick lil clip....note the slugs and Twilight plaques

Getting way psyched for the land of Bavarian Granite in the ensuing weekends....Mark yer calendars folks. MEMORIAL DAY is looking prime.

02 May 2012

Stocking UP

The end of my retail exPerience is coming, Monday being my last day Next Adventure. Never worked a job where there were constant racks of PBR in the fridge, or leftover Pizza for my snacking Pleasure. Or had as many climbing shoes at my disPosal. alas, all good things must come to an end. May 14th (haPPy bday mom!> will be my first day cruising timber in the scenic Deschutes National Forest, working out of Bend, living in Sisters, Oregon for the summer. It'll be tough living away from Tiny, but someone has to be the marker of death. Gotta fill out my "rack" with climbing minded goods from NEXT......
Speaking of timber in Bend, here's a lil blurp from the infinate wisdom that is Wikipedia.....

 "In the first half of the 20th century, the lumber industry dominated Central Oregon's economy. By 1915, two competing companies had built large sawmills south of Bend. The combined output of the Shevlin-Hixon and Brooks-Scanlon mills made Bend one of the largest lumber producing towns in the world. In 1924, the Shevlin-Hixon mill alone processed 200,000,000 board feet (500,000 m3) of lumber. There were at least eight lumber mills in the Prineville areas as well. In the early 1930s, Sam Johnson opened a lumber mill in Sisters, the first of six Central Oregon mills the Johnson family owned over the years. During World War II, the demand for timber increased dramatically and Central Oregon mill towns went through a period significant growth. After World War II, Johnson opened a large mill in Redmond."

Fitting that eighty years later, another Sam Johnson will be working to harvest the lumber in central oregon, while living in Sisters. Coincidence...or not. Some Pretty Pics i stole of the interwebs...The classic Chain Reaction i shall be Punting off of this summer....

Nice blocs around Sisters, OR i'm interested in....