26 February 2012

Back to real life....sigh

Saturday marked out last day in Bishop. Since the last little blurp here, we went into dual destination days to maximize psyche and climbtiming. This meant 8-10 hr days jam packed. WHICH was great for psyche, not so much for points...

Highlights of the trip included Kirsten getting her first outside v5 (with a crux mantle no less!), and for me....honestly just being outside and doing a lil bit of er-thing. I've had trips before where the idea is to climb the maximum number of problems possible in shortest time window. I've also had trips where the focus is to climb the single hardest thing I can. Though both of these mindsights can have awesome rewards (and dangerous traps), this trip was neither. Yes, I managed a v9. And was hucking my meat at 10s (~6 times the bump in acid wash left evaded me...damn you short arms!), but I had just as much fun repeating roadblocks from years past, doing moderate classics (Seven Spanish Angels! SO Good!), and seeing personal progress on problems from a daily perspective to an annual one.

awesome sierra sunset

Now back in portland, it's hailing. happy to take a well deserved break from plastic, and hopefully be hitting up SMITH, the ratcave and carver (yup. i said it)

Pictures from some projects that eluded us...

Going over the final sequence one more time....

never been so close.

K$ working the classic Ketron Classic

project for next time...

lil clip

Shout out to the sponsor!

22 February 2012

Ho-Rah. Projects and no skin

After sampling the Happies, Sads, and Buttermilks, we've managed to each accrue a number of projects. Sadly, sending said projects requires lots and lots of skin...which our Portland-gymclimbing hands have none of. So grow skin day, chug water, and be grimy bums scamming internet and being indoors. Pictures so far.....

Dwarfed by Evilution.

awwww yaaa! highballin

crimps be sharp third day on

K-Dawg working out Molly


wah-wah. how the hell do you move off the next crimp?! internet beta help

20 February 2012


OMG outside crimbing (said with asian accent, as it seems the bay area immagrated to Bishop)!!! After some minor car drama friday morning, a long ass drive, 4 hrs of sleep, soggy sandwiches, and the boring drive that is I-5, we arrived at the Holy Land friday evening at 4;30 pm! Undoubtly, we forgot how to climb outside. Downclimbs were the hardest part of our first night session, as we were jitterly flailing (combo of excitement and nasty coffee drinks). The next day we slept in, played some scrabble, and rolled to the Happies. 59 (FIFTY NINE!!!) cars lined the parking lot. Waiting in line to climb sucks, so we sampled otherwise neglected problems we wouldn't normally try. Sucker Punch, Son of Claudius Roofus, SafeSurfer, Slaphappy, Monkey Hang, Last Dance, etc etc. Point tally is pretty skimpy, but the focus was finding problems kirsten could get psyched on and not waiting in line.

Early morning cribbage domination in pitland

K$ working on Son of Cladius Roofus


FINALLY sticking the first move of Redrum

Rolling outta the Happies after a great first full day of crimbing

07 February 2012

Carver in feb

Quick day out at the land of TWILIGHT! Ohhhh yaaa. I'm talkin CARVER BABAYYY!!! super sick lowballs with first or second move cruxes! the season formally known as winter ceased it's rains in the month of February and graced portland pebble wrestlers with dry, cold, flailing temps.

Wonderful welcoming sign.

Clayton getting so stoked under the classic Triangle Face

After Triangle Face we moved to Cedar, a 4 move powerMcnasty v6 on 1/16th pad crimps. Suffice to say, it didn't go. So taking the logical next step (and jumping 4 grades), we started attempting it's next door neighbor, The Cedar Project. Ummm, ya. Didn't go either. But we each made some links, had some fun, and finished the day on a blitz of v3s. YAHOO moderates!

Here's a clip of a rando strong dude crushing Cedar Project

Cedar Project from Portland Rock Gym on Vimeo.

In non-related news, I had a root canal and crown a couple weeks ago. This is what happens when half of your mouth is injected with painkillers and you've been in the operating chair choking on your spit for 4 hrs....

Yup. Special smiles for all my friends.

04 February 2012

Sending Temps/Inspirationally Badass Pic

extra points if you can name the area. Double bonus points for the problem name.