29 January 2012

Smith Day Trip IN JANUARY !!!

Saturday we bolted down to the desert to enjoy some (somewhat) sunny weather and OUTSIDE climbing. rolled out of Portland at 8:30 and got back in at 10 pm. Long fun day entailing 5.9 epics, grigri lessons, "Brah" chatter, new friends, figure eight lessons, watching huge whippers, and learning to use our feet. AWESOME! can't wait to get back. Here are some pictures from the day....

wtf. this ain't no bouldering gym...

Clayton "Show me Magnum" documenting 5.10 sendage in POLER gear.

starting up Toxic

heel hook beta

tiny-man-flash beta

06 January 2012

More Recon

Wednesday I had hopes of checking out some PLUTONS (big words from big college friend) on mount hood. Unfortunately seasonally closed forest service roads squashed this idea, as it would have meant a 15+ mile snowshoeing adventure. Thanks, but no thanks.

Instead the destination was the much hyped, beta-less area dubbed 'THE RATCAVE.'

The routes consist of block pinches and crimps, with feet for days. Reminsicint of Deep Creek, though not as long. Like deep creek there's plenty of glue and loose rock. Also, every single route has fixed draws, the approach is less than 3 mins from parking, and you can climb in the rain. With the easiest thing starting at 11d and no guidebook, the RC offers a very exclusive gym-y feel to it.

Looking up at the kingline of the steepest (25+ ft totally horizontal) section of the crag. Supposedly 5.14

another shot of the wall

Brandon trying to decypher some beta from one of many mystery lines

very veerrrrryyy excited to spend my portland climbing days here, as it looks like the rain has come.

03 January 2012


Quick recon mission to see the climbability of Bridge of the Gods. Turns out even if it isn't raining or hasn't rained for the last 24 hrs the rock is still wet. Weird....

Warshington side of da Gorge

No amount of chalk could dry things out...

Gettin bounced by the Bouncer, the only dry thing there.

Couple of stragglers

01 January 2012


Happy New yEars, pebble wrestling cyber nerds!

To end 2011, Pecktoria graced us with their presence. We sampled many of portland's finer treats. The circuit, Hopworks, Bridgeport, Rogue, The Oregonian printing facility, and psycho safeway. Happy fun times.

No real great updates to speak of on the climbing front, except for yours truly making an executive decision so that Next Adventure's preseason 5.10 order consists of




other tidbits:

pebbles are emerging from the pacific mist....

secret spot around mt hood

and dis. BISHES

random picture @ OZONE= awk basalt spurt klimbing

excited to head here in the next couple of weeks; The Bettermilks in secretspot, OREGON