28 November 2012


after 3 days of sunshine and cold temps, carver was in the cards. Sadly, Carver is still solidly moist (girls hate that word) and unclimbable. Like the "Dungeon Master" hailed as the best v6 there. 3 ft of standing water.

 "Flying Squirrel" which was "dry"****(not). An adventure into sketchy wet moss topouts followed. YIKES

 The full line of "Angry Squirrel" which links 5-6 moves of hard crimping into "Flying Squirrel." No dice.

 OH! then i went to the good ol PRG! LOOK AT ME CLIMB IN MY VANS!!!! actually this was from 7 years ago, stored deep the archives of shameful topropegym climbing pictures on my mom's old computer. LOOK AT THAT ADVANCED EDGING TECHNIQUE! whoooaaaa

and i got hired at the Circuit.

19 November 2012

BOOZEman Sport Climbing Trailer

Nice to see such a finished piece of work coming out of Big Choss Country.....

Bozeman Montana Sport Climbing Teaser from Kristopher Zigich on Vimeo.

12 November 2012

Gorilla Cliffs and the End of USFS Work

Lately i've been bombing back to smith straight from work, shotgunning a coors in the parking lot, then strapping both pads to my back and hauling it down here....to the GORILLA CLIFFS! I believe there are 3 v7s, 3 v8s, 2 v9s, and 2 v10s. The climbing is steep, retardedly sharp, and short. 


Early oct marked a re-newed mojo of psyche. Feeling outta shape, I threw myself at the two "v8s" (NOT) i had done earlier this summer, Jone's Problem and Jizzsap. I managed both of them quickly, which re-affirmed they were just power v4+s in disguise. So then i cleaned dis ting. Super funky steep compression at the beginning leads to a commiting mantle/slab dyno for the massive tick marks. I know i suck at this type of climbing, and the grade may be inflated due to the scary-don't-fuck-up-leg-crunching fall, but whatevers

F.A. of "Blown Away"

3 more days of work in bend, then the eating/hibernation month of thxgiving/december. Then more schooling and gym timing....HARD

08 October 2012

Monday Funday

Hellow Cyber Nerds! 

All is well from portland. The sun is shining. I am not working today (thank YOU chris columbus for giving federal employees a national holiday!). 

Portland Boulder Rally 2012 was saturday. Pink manpris were in full effect. Kirsten "Tiny Buffalo" crushed it, having a personal best day ever, doing two 6s and her first 7! Placing 14th in women's advanced. 

I did alright, placing 15th in advanced. Given the lack of climbing the past 3 weeks, i was pretty dang happy with the day. The bottle of memosa during the comp certainly helped too....

Finals were DOMINATED by the 5 time national champ, 2 time world champ, alex johnson. Pretty cool to see someone that strong make every thing look PISS easy.

Men's finals were much closer, and im not sure who won. Matty hong? Strong hipster dude? Dunno.

Pretty much the good word from portland. Taking a week off of work/doing anything as tomorrow i will get my teeth yanked and get messssed upp!


01 October 2012

Sisters Vid

Quick sampler of some problems I'd been working on over the summer that I was able to put to bed before my 14 day roll. More on that later. Enjoy this for now, i'm off to do 1,000 situps and try and burn the 45,980 calories i injested sitting and doing mop up all day. 

14 September 2012

Little bit of dis from VA-KAY

Labor day week Kirsten and I rolled out to 'Tana. Stopped in Whitefish for a bit, went hiking, fishing, tubing, grilling, and drinking. Then missoula where more drinking and sad excuses of climbing technique and old friends existed. 

Overall it was an amazing trip that made me miss the city i had called home for the past little bit, but satisfied that it won't be changing anytime soon and excited to explore of the Pacific Northwest with my sugar mountain girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNDAY TINY!!! 

Kirsten lookin' nice and wind swept enroute to missoula....

Cowboy Rmono looking fit on the finest problem in the Land of the Bitteroot.

Kirsten working out "The Duke" at Lost Horse

The last supper in Missoula land=hand rolled sushi. 

This past week I as fortunate enough to cross paths with the local 5.10 rep. "Greg" was friendly enough, and seemed like an alright guy. Then he threw me down the 2013 aggressive/soft/cowboymoccasim slippers, the 5.10 "Desperado."

Right on!

the shoes are the anasazi moc, down turned slightly, with a real heal, and somewhat low volume. I fond the shoes best in textured smearing, and slightly overhangy/to steep pulling with the toe live action moves.

"Desperado Detail"

The Pole Creek Fire 6 miles outside of Sisters. reminiscent of Mt Vesuvius?

Headed here tom at 8am, the central washington metropolis- WENATCHEE!

27 July 2012

The hip dyno

how NOT to crimb. Zero points status

i've been slacking on this blog for a couple reasons.
1- haven't been climbing that much. one dick around session after work once a week and the circuit on the weekends (more so for my ego than training). nothing extrodinary to report.

2- I don't have internet in sisters.

3- spending 8 hrs a day hiking through this


    with bloody shins in the heat is not conducive to climbing psyche.

With that said; MONTANA TIME is fast approaching. In exactly 5 glorious weeks i will be in the land of milk and honey. And  if i want to send BUG EYES or BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE or CLASSIC OVERHANG....then  it's high time to start training.

should i train power?

or my achilles heal; that demon that has plagued me for the last 24 years....FLEXABILITY!

ideal endproduct; wine guzzling, cheese munching, v12 crunching BBs

01 July 2012

As of late

The infamous "Black Butte"

North Sister dominatin'

Timber industry; what once powered Mill City (now a strung out ghost town on HWY 20).

I've mastered the self-belayed-top-rope circuit of the Sister's Boulders. Here's one of the harder lines.

note the beer can for scale.

Hemingway + chess vs Igor= keeping my intellect engaged. I'm 12-27 against the russian computer. Not too bad...

Meadowcamp Bldrs in Bend

"Snail Trail" V-slpey

what bouldering at smith could be....

what bouldering at smith is.......

01 June 2012

Squaw Creek

About 4 miles south of Sisters, the peaceful Squaw Creek cuts a swath of basalt in half creating the Squaw Creek Boulders. There isn't a concentrated amount of problems here; maybe a dozen quality lines. A couple warmups, then the business!  Couple obvious v>8 problems should keep me busy for quick afterwork sessions.

The approach to the boulders

Main area

The rock here consists of blocky ledges, and rounded slopers. Due to the creek, the rock has a polished texture and very little amount of crimping. A nice respite from ALL the other climbing around here.

The 420problem

Another angle. Easily the best line here, tho not the prettiest. Perfect 4 move power bldr problem.

Deer in my backyard

And a quick clip of an unknown problem i did. I called it "medicine man", though its definitely been done before. No idea as to difficulty. 

19 May 2012

Central Orygun

                                                                 The School Room

                                                                 Mono muncher

                                                                       Merica and Jefferson

                                                              school room again

                                                      first thing you see as you park for the bldrs

 3 sisters