13 December 2011

Last week in pictures

Thursday was my birthday...nothing says BBs like eating out at a Southern restaurant! I had crawfish jambalaya. Other treats included breaded alligator appetizers, andouille sausage, and tin foil crowns. SO rad...

...birthday week continued with a short 90 min drive to the Pacific Ocean at Manzanita Beach!

rad house

quaint house

and this is one goddamn ugly house....

Today i got on my skinniest jeans, hopped on my roadbike and tried to take artsy pictures.

The all-mighty Burnside Bridge

Nothing says nerdy quite like a science museum with a U-571 anchored next to it...

07 December 2011

Bolt ToTAKE!Bolt ClimbingTAKE!

"you got me?"


"Just gonna pull up to the next bolt"

"You can take it there"

"Take it up"

"Taakkkeeee you worthless pile"

building an anchor to holdback poopmouth

anchor building 101 with BBs

this is what happens when you try and hold back bitchdawg. The sacrilegious DAS dirting

04 December 2011

"BBs Gettin' Ready to Strap a Rope on!"

Crunching slippery basalt with this guy. Tuesday. BOOM!

yup. this is what it seems


Other tidbits from the this neck of the woods...

1)Carlo Traversi steamrolled over the competition at the portland boulder rally. Molly Rennie got 3rd! NICE MOLLY!!

2) Brian Grant came into Next Adventure today looking for a XXXL steezy snowboarding jacket. Sorry Brian, no dice. (And yes, when you click on the link he IS stuffing Kobe.) Remember that series? Hack-a-Shaq. Took'em to 7 games every year, and choked....

3) Yesterday i ate beef heart at a fancy ass dinner. And loved it!

4) BQ finally (FINALLY) fits into his harness.