19 June 2011

Urban Gypsies

welp, a month after graduation i'm employed and settled. kinda....doing landscaping work for da family, babysitting, and living in sister's van (thanks 3bs!). its a strange, in between existence. LUCKILY my last week in montana i did a lil pebble wrestling and found out out i could dyno! WHOA! and i learned how to close hand crimp! WHOA! then i combined the two and tried retard-backwards-dyno in the goddamn UM gym and heard a loud CCRACKy noise and instant swelling. not a tendon. guess again....broken middle finger. cool huh? FUCK NO! now the bone is mending, and it looks crooked. i go to doctor to see tomorrow to see extent of injury and timeline till recovery.

the downtime has allowed me to do other things. kirsten and i are die hard Portland Timbers fans (toughest fucking loss tonight), and we gots us some tickets in a couple weeks. ALso other big sister is rocking the jock cock and doing triathalons, with the mother fricking IRONMAN qualifier next weekend in CDA! went and cheered her at her first one last weekend. yesterday we went to BEND to check out dat scene and putz around Smith. pretty neato.

now home in da van and kirsten is saying lovely sweet nothings about my slightly fermented feet.

here are some pictures from the last couple weeks...

Rolling outta Plains, MT. yahoo.

SICK granite feature by Paradise, MT. Dunno if there are routes here or not. Or if its just mega choss (Think John Fulton), but looks cool....

more sexy virgin granite by Paradise

RenJen whoooopin ass and takin names at her first tri

Renee runs so fast she actually warps her surroundings....LOOKOUT CDA

Bryn thinks triatholons r sweet

After Renee's first tri. NBD, bishes.

Waking up with big hair in the Camper Van

Ominous Morning Glory Wall @ Smith Rocks

BOOM. money shot by Kirsten