27 May 2011

Last Days in Big Choss Country....

Sadly the sunshine of Paris didnt quite make it over to Missouland. The past 2 weeks have been a mix of rain, hail, sun, windstorms, and flood warnings. There have been literally 4 GOOD climbing days....I made it out for two of them....here are some pictures.....

Scott Goodwin battles with the last bit of snow by the "Beautiful Boulder" in Lolo

Gdy battling with another adversary in Lolo: the classic Great White

Kirsten rocking the shit out of her new "sending shirt"

Jesse trying on the sending shirt

then Spaludo crushing The Duke Traverse

THIS guy! geesh....

and then a reeeaallll quick short of me putting to bed a mega proj of the past 2 years.....

22 May 2011


Well, 2 and a half months later, I'm still immune to the adverse affects of "culture." Spending more than $40 is "unagreeable." Getting drunk is highly frowned upon. I STILL detest cheese. Museums are sweet, but not for more than a couple hours.

There will obviously be many things that I miss, most importantly the relationships that were cultivated with family members whose existence was more folk lore than reality. Teaching Romain the minute (sp) differences between "buzzed" and "fucked up" (all theoretical discussions, mom), amsterdam via bike, constantly hearing that i'm more "lucky" in soccer, Benoit's constant attempts at developing my cheese and wine palette, chats on the back porch with myriam, destroying maxime in chess, playing settlers with thomas and alexia, watching emilia scamper up v1 slabs as easily as i destroy candy, watching bbc and then talking about world politics with trudi ( she doesn't understand why the "stupid" republicans are popular, or how the tea party can be in existance. me either), enjoying the nightlife of Innsbruck w/ Christoph and Lindsay, and being enlightened as to how best to live my young life by Claire and Serge. A big thank you to everyone this past spring. BIG thank you.

Other more things that will be missed will be fresh baguettes for a buck, or how jovial all dining occasions are (usually entailing some wine and/or champagne), the ease of public transportation, the tiny coffees, the reknown bouldering areas i visited, and the smell of refrigerators (joke).

Joe recently had a rad post (click HERE) about his new life in the North Fork and some of his recent statistics adjusting to life as a mountain man (your idea was just too good joe, had to steal it). As my fellow Montanans weather the joke of a spring that still has Lolo pass covered in snow, I enjoyed the sun and finer amenities of Europe. The month of April was the warmest in the last 100 years in Paris with only 4 days of rain. Here are some more STATS from my recent travels that offer a straightforward insight to some memorable attributes of my trip:

days in europe: 73

total hours of airline travel: 58

total elapsed time from Thomas' house to Cresciano: 90 mins

total elapsed time from Myriam's house to Petit Bois: 120 mins

numbers of (estimated) baguettes eaten in month of April by myself: 19

number of days drank champagne: 8

total percentage of days in France during which I drank champagne: 21%

probability of having one glass of wine a day (its healthy!): 5 out of 7

amount of weight gained: -5lbs

outside climbing days: 20

number of problems harder than v5 sent: 1

number of nutmegs on all Galan men in past 10 weeks: ~ 50

number of babyfoot games won (out of ~80): 3

number of babyfoot games won against Maxime: 3

amount of time teasing Maxime about his respective loses in babyfoot: 90 mins

likelihood that Romain corrected my french: constantly

likelihood that I corrected Romain's english: rare

probability that one of Thomas' kids was crying at any given time: 1 out of 8

number of manpurses seen: ~2 million

the best thing about swizzy: quaint mtn villages with amazing granite

worst thing about swizzy: the cost of everything

best thing about France: Paris

worst thing about France: Parisians

percentage that a Parisian will use the words "Paris" + "best/most" + "world" in one sentence in one day: 100

percentage of finding Copenhagen ANYWHERE in europe: 0

amount of coffees drank on a daily basis: 3

average size of a coffee drink: 6 ounces

different types of cheeses tried: 15-20

amount of cheeses found agreeable: 1

number of times i used a grill: 2

number of times i grilled "American" hamburgers: 2

time of mustache growth: 80 days

number of different colors of hair in said mustache: 4

probability Kirsten will appreciate mustache: not good

Here is a quick video of the last week in Paris.....

09 May 2011

Marseille Pics

Today is May 9th, which means its the 72nd day of EuroTrip 2011. The vacation is screeching to a halt, as the "real world" beckons me home.

Here are some pictures of a quick daytrip i took to the Southern part of France; the old port city of Marseille on the Mediterranean....

08 May 2011


On wednesday Romain and I traveled to Holland to check out "the venice of the North." The city didnt dissapoint. EVERYONE was biking gayly (literally!) around this canal ridden liberal hotbed. Quite the experience to rent bikes and enjoy the left leaning dutch and their (strange) lifestyle.

Here are some pictures....

The Dutch LOVE bikes! here are a couple thousand parked by the train station....

Romain checking out the hundreds of waterways in Amsterdam

Anne Frank's house

Romain and I posing it out by a 300 year old windmill

a video will follow shortly, but the pics will have to do for now....

03 May 2011

Trois Pignon Video

Its been raining here in Paris, which has allowed me to pursue the internet/indoor activities to the max. Like doing laser tag with 35 screaming french 12 year olds. Or like following the shitton ton of NEWS thats blowing up the cybersphere (Pippa, Donald getting dissed, and OSAMA).

This indoor time has also allowed me to upload some of the lone footage i have from a day at Font with Romain and Maxime.