25 February 2011


Montanans have been doing well in Bishop this past winter. Very well. Molly, Brandon, Sparker, Kyle, Jarred, Kelsey, Henry, and Micalea have all laid waste to numerous problems in the Eastern Sierras. Erik will soon be doing the same, as he rolls down there quick like.

Mr. Pickens has been DESTROYING bishop land. All over the fucking place, from ticking projects from years past to going into seek and destroy mode this winter, he's ruling over the bishop pebbles with an iron-crimping-fist. Here's a video of him pissing all over Zen Flute, for his first v10. CONGRATS J-RAD!!!!

In other non-related news, I begin 42hrs of traveling tomorrow at 2 pm to exotic destinations.

16 February 2011

Flacid February

The La Nina winter has essentially devastated any sort of climbing possibilities around Missoula. Last year's mild winter gave me a false pretense as to how much I could climb in SW Montana in February. The typical weather has been for it to DUMP snow for about two days straight, get freezing cold, then slowly crescendo to low 40s and create slush fest. Repeat cycle.

While the weather gods are pissing all over any climbing ambitions, Scotty and I SNOWSHOED out to the motherload last week in Lost Horse to brush off boulders. I almost rolled the car at that one 90 degree turn after the lodge (black ice, who'd a thunk???), the snow was much worse than imagined, and we forgot the whiskey. With that said, we did manage to brush off SuperRad (not that it matters as Dumpfest 2011 has been re-initiated, and that ain't a poop reference) and enjoy sometime outside of gloomy Missoulaland

Here are some pics....


Midnight Lightbulb


PS- Its 54 and sunny in Locarno, CH right now. Christoph says its 50s around Innsbruck. Europe is on the horizon......a much warmer horizon......

07 February 2011

Civilization and Beer Barter-ing

Back from Idaho, to the harsh cold of a Montanan Winter. Kirsten, Emily, and Jenna have been graced by my presence as the 4th roommate/token boy in the house. No climbing, except for a butt cold session at kootenai which entailed about 8 people drinking beer and attempting to climb in blizzard conditions at sickbay.

Perhaps the most exciting thing in my new domestic life (besides awesome friends and good food), is the Bikram Hot Yoga Class I signed up for. Ninety minutes of postures in a sauna will leave you wasted and about 5 lbs lighter....This might be the ultimate in cross-training for climbing. Imagine working all your antagonistic muscles from climbing in 90 minutes, becoming more limber, and loosing crazy water weight. Well worth it.

Me rocking it in Hot Yoga

A nice bowl of salad and chess awaiting me upon my return to Boise.

Beautiful girlfriend and home-made Panini's awaiting me upon my return to Missoula. WHAT A LADY!

Home-made chicken and salad with cranberry salsa and beer

Home-made pad thai. Delicious

Following a week of eating like royalty, Kirsten and I went to Whitefish for the annual Winter Carnival. Very cool community event with (surprise, surprise) BEER!. The Great Northern Brewing company put together a "Beer Barter", which entailed people offering up a talent/good for a year's supply of Black Star Beer.

Kirsten 2x fisting at the Festivities

I didn't Barter anything, though i was able to think of some things i might trade for 365 days worth of beer.....

1) my little sister
2) a year's supply of high quality beer pictures/witty commentary
3) the rights to TurdBurglarDirect
4) a special cologne made up purely of my gym climbing shoes/armpit "pheromones"
5) dance lessons with an emphasis on Hood Internet/Dead Hipster grooves
6) a tour of lolo bouldering (to the chagrin of some)
7) sexual favors

any other bartering ideas out there????????