13 December 2011

Last week in pictures

Thursday was my birthday...nothing says BBs like eating out at a Southern restaurant! I had crawfish jambalaya. Other treats included breaded alligator appetizers, andouille sausage, and tin foil crowns. SO rad...

...birthday week continued with a short 90 min drive to the Pacific Ocean at Manzanita Beach!

rad house

quaint house

and this is one goddamn ugly house....

Today i got on my skinniest jeans, hopped on my roadbike and tried to take artsy pictures.

The all-mighty Burnside Bridge

Nothing says nerdy quite like a science museum with a U-571 anchored next to it...

07 December 2011

Bolt ToTAKE!Bolt ClimbingTAKE!

"you got me?"


"Just gonna pull up to the next bolt"

"You can take it there"

"Take it up"

"Taakkkeeee you worthless pile"

building an anchor to holdback poopmouth

anchor building 101 with BBs

this is what happens when you try and hold back bitchdawg. The sacrilegious DAS dirting

04 December 2011

"BBs Gettin' Ready to Strap a Rope on!"

Crunching slippery basalt with this guy. Tuesday. BOOM!

yup. this is what it seems


Other tidbits from the this neck of the woods...

1)Carlo Traversi steamrolled over the competition at the portland boulder rally. Molly Rennie got 3rd! NICE MOLLY!!

2) Brian Grant came into Next Adventure today looking for a XXXL steezy snowboarding jacket. Sorry Brian, no dice. (And yes, when you click on the link he IS stuffing Kobe.) Remember that series? Hack-a-Shaq. Took'em to 7 games every year, and choked....

3) Yesterday i ate beef heart at a fancy ass dinner. And loved it!

4) BQ finally (FINALLY) fits into his harness.


27 October 2011

Bluffing Lions or Blowgunnin' Monkeys?

Holy shit! think you're badass cuz you climbed that new v7 in the gym? Or you slacklined over Mill Creek? Or you drank 12 Coldsmokes last night? THINK AGAIN!

Trying taking drugs, running through the forest, and then blowgunning monkeys 100 feet above you. Ya. Check it out.

Not cool enough? How about intimadating a pack of lions and stealing their dinner?

17 October 2011

Oktoberfest 2011

This past weekend saw us meet up with Pecktoria in the beer guzzling, lederhosen wearing, granite filled town of Leavenworth. With prime temps in the 50s, sunny, ~50 beers downed and high psyche, we all enjoyed the last (likely) outdoor bouldering trip of 2011. Kirsten and Victoria destroyed the stellar Drugstore Cowboy and went to work trying out some harder things. Dylan managed a nice Spud Webb ascent of the oddball Hourglass, and agonizingly close to the classic testpiece, The Coffee Cup. I managed to try hard, send nada, and create one of the biggest flappers ive ever had. EVER. Needless to say, it was a sad drive back to Portland, and we're already thinking about reuniting for Springbreak 2012! Whoa, 2012? Whaatt??!!! YEAHHHH!!!

Icicle Canyon as seen from the Mtn Home sector

Occams Razor, Peephole, Drugstore Cowboy, and Dylan

Victoria getting vertical enroute to sending the classic Drugstore Cowboy

Kirsten also sending.

Das Parka=Das pants for a cold session at The Sword area

Dylan sticking the lunge backward and sending The Hourglass

Dilboner working on The Coffee Cup in prime fall temps

Very close

Getting psyched for The Sail


4th and inches. Story of the trip.

Soooooo many goes.....

....the product of the serrated slot-crimp

12 hrs and a whole lot of neosporin later

Driving boredom.

07 October 2011

Once upon a time.....

.....We def thought Sweathouse was the shit. Mainly cuz we were tired of Lost Horse and didn't know the extent of the Lolo goodies (aka massive). Here is an old video of Joe making the FA of one of the bestest there......

04 October 2011

Last couple weeks

Circuiting hard. Hustlin' Sportiva Arcos. Getting lost in the big city. Living on a super budget. Embracing the rain. Here are some pictures...

The classic Triangle Face set against the ghoulish jungle of Carver.

Topouts at Carver. Wire brushes and chalk balls a must.

Crazy lichen at the cliffs

Perhaps one reason Portland has 40 breweries in the city is that the weather turns sour in October. So naturally people migrate inwards to drink it up, compare tatoos and road bikes, and find things to do indoors to occupy the 8 months of rain. While we don't have the finances to fine tune our palettes to Portland's numerous brews, we've been doing our best to develop our $5 wine palettes. "EEEWW!" you might exclaim. And you might be right, if it weren't for our Venturi Wine Aerator, which can turn Carlo in gold.....Or a brusk cab sav into a grape gatorade.

The Venturi