27 June 2010

Mill Creeek, UT

Many people that know me are aware that i LOVE joe's valley. being only 3hrs from junction, it was one of the major reasons i took this summer job. However, with my first weekend to be spent around GJ, Brackett and i opted to check out some sport in the LaSals ~ 30 mins south of moab. what we found blew us away.......

the menacing Wicked Crag of Mill Creek.

another angle of the main wall. My main project for the weekend took the center cracksystem. Flaming Groovy 12c/d. Got to the top and worked it, but no send. climbs here tend to be very beta intensive and one must conserve all possible energy for a high likelihood of PUNTING up top!

across the canyon

during a wave of arrogance, i decided i could onsight 12c slab/face/beta intensive/enduro climbing. i made it to the second bolt of Techno Christ (below). and then bailed. hahaha

another angle of T.C. before flail fest 2010

despite mad climbing steeze/patriotism, the USA was unable to overcome Ghana for the second straight world cup. at least we were rocking the stars & stripes at the crag. oh, and a solid Rat-Hawk (when one's mohawk interlinks to a previously unconnected rat tail. spawning the Rat-Hawk).

with rock just like joes (EXACT SAME!) way high up in the mts, with a creek and no crowds, it obvious why the moab locals have kept it so DL. either way, if you want directions, hollar at me.....

21 June 2010

Janky Superstar

Life in Junktown is trickling away. Brackett recently showed me a newer spot IN gj that has some weird volcanic rock similar to the happies/sads. fun to climb on cuz its SUPER featured (and sharp). And the best part? NO BUGS!!!!

Pike and Gnat looking at Clockwork v5 @ Riggs Hill

Well, my beloved crashpad/bed has finally broke. Not finally as its straps were circumsized in missoula by my friend Seppi. But last thurs the straps broke for real. Meaning i had to jerry-rig some sort of mechanism to take on Mt Evans the NExt day. This is what i came up with....

dat being done, the usual "casual" approach went from a pleasant 45 min stroll in the mountains to a 2 hr death march. i collapsed at Indian Ladder so pumped i didn't wanna climb. at all. guess that's what happens when you have to carry 30+ lbs of pad into the mts...ballss...

luckily i found josh and his verve-d out gf and we laid seige to the Dali v9. no sends. but we could all do the moves (albeit a different sequence for each person.)

next up we tromped down to Bierstadt v9/10 and threw out meat at dat. turns out there are a bazillion ways to do it. jason kehl and alotta strong dudes did work. i just sat on a rock procrastinated the hike out.

Kingsley aka the Asian Sensation working Beirstadt v10

Pit stop one of about 10 on the hike out.

Post back pain, i watched the US/Slovenia game. I am still livid about the outcome. But i was going a fancy jewish wedding in seattle, which was gonna rock. and it did. i danced my little aryan face off. ssoooo hard that ripppppped by ass seam in my nice dress pants. nothing could stop me. not even an army of 100 Palenstines.

The Mancub Jew- be afraid. very afraid.

14 June 2010

Running in Circles

zooming around the west. Missoula to Boulder to Rifle to Joes to Junction to Boise to Joes to Junction to SLC. what is my carbon footprint like right now? HUGE.

Geoff on Bonesaw v8
in Reynold's Creek, Id. Rock reminded me of the Happies in Bishop. Sharp, featured, and steep. Buckets of fun

Post Boise i rallied on down to Joe's for weekend withe FOCO crew. Sends of the trip included, Kracken v5, Raiden b8 (SO STOKED!), Killed by Numbers v6, and chilling with Issac Calderio

Raiden v8

Myself wrapping up one of my major projs for the summer, the powerful
Raiden v8

Post Joe's i started work for the USFS in Grand Junction, CO. Town sucks. Crew good. Oh, and the government paid me bout $550 to get my red card to get trained to fight fires! Radical.

THere is some climbing round junction, most notably in Unaweep Canyon, 15 mins south of trailer. Chossier version of joes, but cheap and clost nonetheless.

Stunning project in Unaweep Canyon

After a weekend in GJ, i was SSOOOOO stoked to meet up with my dame in SLC for the big mormon city action. We climbed, scrabbled, watched soccer, dorked out, went to the zoo, visited the Temple, and all in all had an amazing time. Here are some pics....

The walls @ Little Cottonwood Canyon

Fueled by pink and yellow Starbursts, Kirsten 'lil Blackie' busts out the TH

Kirsten on a big, black......trunk

rainbow over the book cliffs, drive back to Grand Junction

the next week shoudl be an eventful one-
Rifle tomarrow. Stoked.
Mt Evans on friday. More Stoked.
Go to a friend's wedding in Seattle for my four day weekend with the fam and maybe visit some old friends....

till then....