27 May 2010


After a week in Joes, the wallet was running low. As was motivation.....

Falling off the jug match on Big Joe v7

SO without work, being tired of living outta my car and eatin like a peasant, i rallied up to momma johnson's casa in Boise.

Climbing trips are by far and away the best kind of vacation, but they can't be such a priority that you put family and friends second to them.

It's nice having a bed, working on mom's house, and eating good food. Oh, and making a lil bit of money.

Not a whole lot of climbing, cept for the 3 hr sessions yesterday at The Front.

I hope to get out to Reynolds Creek tomarrow and attempt Peaches v7. Here's a vid of Steff Carter sending

annnnddddd finally, here's a vid scotty and i put together from our week in Joes. CHECK IT OUT

22 May 2010

joe schmoe valley

After 3 days "ON", a rest day was definately in order. So we went a lil north to the big city lights of Price to get coffee and see whats new in internetlandia. Turns out, not a whole lot, besides THE MOTHER FUCKING WORLD CUP COMING UP!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!

Back to pebble wrestlin'-----

we've been trying to get on new shit, as there are only so many times one can attempt big joe or chips. SO we've been checking out some of the new stuff Rocco has been putting up- some really good, some not so good. Scott sent a really nice looking v7 arete way up left fork on the river (video next time), i threw myself at Raiden v8 to no avail, and scotty flashed the daunting Cracken v5.

da Cracken

the Raiden v8

Another spot we've spent some time at is called Issacs Area. It is located up the right fork, right before the road turns to gravel; directly up the hill from the abondanded mine.

Myself working a cool compressionly v7

Scotty making links on Playmate of the Year v9

anddd......finally the vid of our day up in the poudre with ken and red bout a week ago....check it out!

18 May 2010


Well, school's out. SO that means i eat cheap food, save cash for gas, and travel and climb round on lil rocks. Post-goodbye kegger (thanks Momma and Poppa Schemechel!) ross, joe, kyle, jarred, jd and i went down to Whiskey for the day. Props of the day go to Kyla, with an impressive flash of the Whiddler (v8) and then Tuna Juice (v9/10). Joe and Jared also sent the whiddler and adams wall (v5 highball). Ross took perhaps the biggest/sketchiest fall from a highball i've ever seen, as he attempted to skip some holds on the lip and gun for the top. He walked away unscathed.

Joe Flashing Adam's Wall

Kyle sending Tuna Juice

Post Whiskey Ross and I bombed straight through to Boulder, arriving at 9:30am to a giddy SParker. We rested a couple hours, then went up to flagstaff mtn. Scotty was more than psyched to climb outside with friends, and ross and i were along for the ride. We attempted Undercling Traverse (v9), and then went up to First Overhang (v6). Scott did well on it, but ross and lacked the final bit of TH (i'm gonna say it was the 14 hr drive).

Myself cruxing on First Overhang

That night we all met up with Dave "Big Pimpin" Powell at movement for an evening flail fest on plastic. Tell ya what, that gym is SICK! damn. wish we had on in missoula land.

Next day we checked out boulder, and the battle of the boner. Meh. Comps suck.

Sunday we met up with Mr. New Belgium, Ken Klein, and "Red" for a day at the Poudre. Fucking scotty sent everything he tried, that lanky pile of wyoming turd. I managed a couple problems, and was AGONIZINGLY close on Against Humanity (v7, one of the best i've tried in CO).

Scotty Sending Scarface (v6) at the Poudre

Ken on Gandalf (v8, highball)

now we're sitting in the orangeville bibliotech waiting out rain and growing skin. SUPER stoked to be back in joes for 2 weeks, maybe i'll find the TRY HARD that's gone-a-missin....

till next time

04 May 2010

The Cycle

Monday- class, clean, burn, work, gym, sleep.
Tues- class till 2, surf internet, workout/climb, eat, sleep.
Wed-class to work to class to gym to casual drinks.
Thurs- like tues, but drink till memory is fuzzy
Fri- climb, party, bullshit
Sat- see above
Sunday- recovery.

Not gonna lie, pretty psyched for school to end. 8 days till colorado. i'll miss Blackie for sure, but between the dog ass weather, lack of money, and super destructive lifestyle....a lil break might be good.


Cons and Seppi

V-Jenna, Sparker and Myself

Ross Looking Fly

A new crash pad might be nice too, JOE.

ANNDDD maybe after taking a break from partying 4 nights a week and climbing ALOT in CO i'll be able to put some projects to bed when i return in September. Like this one, The Paiute Ghost Dancer Project at Lost Horse.