27 April 2010

pics and projects

Molly "DIRTY SOUTH" Rennie working Paiute Ghost Dancer proj

Sarah working the Duke

Montanan Mindset?????

Luke working Tecnicolor Dream Coat

Joe on the FA of Technicolor Dream Coat, v6/7

Scotty making moves....

15 April 2010


The bum ankle means no climbing for a lil bit, but rather some exploring and picture taking. Western Montana was blessed with a brief window of AMAZING weather (mid 60s feel summeresque), so went out with a crew to some stuff in lolo. For those that don't know, lolo is perhaps the most concentrated bouldering round missoula. There's no guide. The climbing season is incredibly short, and the rock incredibly sharp. With those detractors, the quantity of rock and the few problems i've seen are impressive.

I'd only been to one or two areas before, with very very limited success, so i was psyched to see more stuff. What i saw blew me away. The movement on the projects, rock beauty, overall scenery, and just an amazing all around good day make me think that this place could be on par with Whiskey Gulch for Montanan bouldering destinations. Absolutely amazing.....

Beauttiiiffullll ornage streaked steep arete BEGGING for a line

The Opium Den, home of the steepest/awesomest problem in Montana?!

Jesse on the Project

SParker workin the proj

06 April 2010

More Joes

Art Appreciation is the perfect opportunity to edit videos and surf the cyber web. All joe and i do is make snide comments about the shitty art on the screen and make fun of the fat lady who talks too much.


more stuff from Joes Valley Trip. Videos of Chips v7, Phoney Baloney Trav v7/8, Bring the Heatwohl v8, Gurkha Knife v9, and a short with me falling. I'm good at that shit. and whiskey consumption.

and finally the short of me falling. i know joe and dylan and levi and brendan will enjoy this....

04 April 2010

"CONTACT! 1-2-3..."

Spring break usually brings out the worst in people, but for us, def brought out our best. 5 or 6 HANDLES of whiskey, everclear jello shots, 15+ cans of chew, snowball fights, bon fires, shit talkin, strikeouts, some sociallizing with pros (Asana=good, Verve/Five Ten=bad, Matt Wilder=RAD) and a lil climbing. actually, alot of climbing!

Joe and Scotty put the most mileage under their respective belts (sending 14 or 15 problems ranging from legit v5s to 8s and a 9!). Complete recap of sends

v2-> Angler- super classic. Sadly Brittany took a nasty digger and was sidelined for rest of the trip

v3-> Reach Around, the Crescent

v4-> Slimy Skin, Pimpin Jeans, Self Service,

v5-> Kelly's Arete (overrrated), Killed By Numbers, Rugrat (underrated), Mono y Mono, Reading Rainbow

v6-> Planet of the Apes (defination of bouldering), I'd Rather Be Climbing Her, Phoney Baloney, Pocket Rocket, Wills of Fire (SO classic), Scary Monsters, Nerve Damage, Glow Worm

v7-> Portacini or Portabello, Chips, Spam, Big Boy, Dark Continent, Shadow of Death, Anatomy Act

v8-> Phoney Baloney Traverse, G2-07, The Raiden, Bring the Heatwole, Team Effort, No Substance

v9-> Gurkha Knife

Problems aside, it was an amazing time. We got snowed on thrice, and yet had one of the better climbing trips i've ever been on (not that any have been "bad"). I'll post some videos tomarrow or something. until then, here are some pics from the trip....

Cope Winter Green- so fresh. One of my goals was to get a Pro to take a dip. I spaced it when push came to shove.

Nice sequence of Scotty on Stand Up

Luke "Slapitlikeitsyobitch" Laird sending Rugrat- hardest 5 @ Joes

Joe Sending Planet of the Apes (my FAVORITE boulder problem).

Jesse. lookkkkinnng goooooddddd

Beautiful ice fall across from The Wind Below

Levi on Hooters

Dylan "FUCK YOU" Peck on G2-07

Utah Gothic, by Joe and Sarah