21 March 2010


BIG week here in missoula. got tat touched up by my good friend ian. got some biolife money. stayed in st pattys day. stashe in full effect. ate a whole large pizza.hung out with new people. burned some bridges. and some climmbbbinnn' NIGGAHHHHSSS! been on a kootenai bender; 5 of the last 7 days! fuckin love that place.

Kyle "Anatole" Neeley sending Venus Fly Trap (12d/13a).

Sean McCorStrength sending the ultra classic Venus De Milo (11d)

i got lucky and wrapped up a couple projects of my own; The BRIK (12c) and Smokin' Joe Tahoe (12b). very happy to have these routes wrapped up, as i'd put a lot, like ALOT of work into each of them (see previous entries) and the motha fuckin tortoise won that fuckin race. now i'm way psyched to roll down to Joes Valley with a solid crew for our spring break starting wed. hopefully some progression will be evident after spending essentially a whole summer there....

other goals are to get any pros we see down there to take some chew. my money is on matt wilder. also stoked to see my buddy JD (bought 2 cases of schmidt, imported from montana for this man) and maybe Sam and Talyn and Chase and Ryan.

myself flailin on Pocket Rocket (v6-my anti style) that my buddy miles took last summer.

15 March 2010

a few from the weekend/kootenai monday

Stars and Stripes4EVER! THIS is how Renee and I laid seige to downtown missoula thursday night (plus a fifth of vodka and nicotine).

Post 5k St Pattys Day Run @ Sean Kellys w/ Renee

Challah- Just Jew It.

not a whole lot of climbing, went to whiskey sunday post 5k/hot springs/ champagne and climbed with SParker, Joe, Luke, and RAK Attack. Did a new 5/6ish, and a new 2.

JOE on a new prob we all drew blood on, but none got to the top of. might be an 8 called (Whiddler)...???confirmation in internetlandia????

Monday saw Sean McCoreStrength and myself jet down to Kootenai for a day of spring sun and some granite. Sean had never been on Razorback (EASILY the best 10 in the canyon) and then i hung draws on BRIK, one hung the crux twice (repeating cycle) and then we went to sickbay and fastened fixed draws on Smokin' Joe Tahoe (12b).

Ever since i tried this route a week or so ago, i'm convinced its some of the best movement on a rope i've ever experienced and wondered why Clubfoot (12a/b, ShitJuggTraverseNoFeet) and other routes in The Cave have draws fixed and Smokin' Joe didn't....well....it does now!

Here's a couple pics of myself on said route bout a week ago (Photos Jesse Spaulding)

11 March 2010

Rennee= "She is Regal"

Sister is here. Making me cookies and cHaLLAH bread. itsa nice. here she is, in here element summer home of yosemite.

also, a very very nice video one of her clients made. ITS AWESOME!!!! check it. and make an appointment if your down in the dumps, can't send your proj, or are getting shut down at the badlander....its done wonders for MY game.

TONITE we go to badlander. renee has zebra jumpsuit. look for us. we be dancing fools; like mc hammer mated with michael jackson mated with frank sinatra mated with a zebra. LOOKOUT!

07 March 2010


SParker sending ZUlU


Joe and I Working Fetus Raper (v7/8)

Joe Sending Pope's Penis (long time ago).


nice lil short of dylan and i fallin on our projects. good thing we have scotty to send'em....

04 March 2010

Sitting in Class= THIS IS SUCK

bboorredddd. i think i'll download some climbing movies, maybe watcha zombie porn later.

i'm just watching unclesomebody vids- this guy is a ballllleerrrrr

here's a clip from his film "The Outsider" (FREE on his site in HD! SICK!)

La Danse des Balrogs, 8A+ from unclesomebody on Vimeo.