28 February 2010



couple pics of Victoria's new pad, and Belayed Reaction. Also, big props to SParker for finally gettin Zulu (v7), and then opening up the traverse on the backside of the bolted boulder; Fetus Raper (v7/8). BIG POINTS!

rock climbing!

and some video.

once i figure out the inner workings of embedded video....

21 February 2010


Ever since that lil fecking groundhog declared winter for the next month, little Lady Missoula has taken it quite literally and the weather has been dog ass. Which means very little climbing outside (unless you wanna drive 5 hrs). Regardless, on fri SParker and i braved the cold and went out to Kootenai Canyon in the scenic Bitterroot Valley. His goal was to work on Hilti Traverse (i think its a 13). My goal was the BRIK (Best Route In Kootenai, 5.12c). After taking a couple low, awkward falls on choss buckets, i was able to flail my way up to the top. Scott experienced similar luck on Hilti.

So the next day we went back out, joined by the nefarious J-Buggy Spaulding. For those that don't know, Jesse is an inncredibly accomplished climber (boulder, sport and trad) who has had a 15month consecutive run of injuries ranging from tendinitis, to a fractured femur, to wrist surgery. It was really inspiring to see him crushing 5.10s with a HUUUGGEEE smile on his face! Way to go Jesse!

After hanging draws on BRIK and gettin a solid flash pump on, scott and jesse did Lookout its 10d. I watched/toked the fire/drank whiskey. Then i went for a redpoint burn on the BRIK. Fell at the crux. Rested, and finished. Bummer. Hopefully tuesday it'll go downnn. We finished the day on Moses (5.10 mixed), with yours truly as the belay master.

Here are some pics scotty took chillen on BRIK...enjoy!

SParker lovin the exposure


Into the Best Route In Kootenai

Shake it like a Polaroid Picture


work it

clip it

18 February 2010

Scandinavia for the Win!

HOT off the press! Get your inner Viking fix NOW!!!!

17 February 2010

i also hate missoula's weather.

it sucks.

i hate games.

not olympic games (well, curling is pretty lame).
not the pointer game (even if my body hates me afterwards).
not pick up soccer games (even if i can't walk for the next two days).

mind games.

-"is this problem possible?"

-"will ruining/training my body actually help out my climbing, or will it just nuture my tender, muscle dysmorphic self-image that mainstream climbing media breads?"

-"why are all climbers the most selfish people (me included) i've ever met? oh ya, cuz its all about ME and my image. and what I'VE done and where I'M going."

-"am i obliged to return calls/hangout/be outgoing if i don't really like someone? or should i just initiate everything and never say no until he/she spells it out for me?" As my lifecoach says, 'Its yes until its no.' Touche, life coach. Touche.

-"am i the most impatient/redic person ever?" Yes.

-"are all bitches crazy?????" ...

-"what the fuck is the point of this blog, if only the smallest of small audiences read it?" I guess to keep those four friends up-to-date on climbing related shit. ANd for me to grumble.

this is what my brain looks like when its trying to comprehend shit.

14 February 2010

06 February 2010

winter climbin' in Mantana

Reststop crag near Alberton, MT. The climbing here is strange; river worn bullet proof basalt (or something) that is FRICTIONLESS and makes uniques holds. For a more bouldering oriented climber, its awesome! Clean falls, very powerful, and right on the Clark Fork river. very cool. and only about 35 mins from missoula.

below is a profile of the main 'crag.' i'm not sure of the names, but the easiest route is the far right and is 11a. left of the 11a is a 12a, 12c/d, 12b, 12c (with a v7 sds that ups it to 13ish status), and finally 12b.

02 February 2010

February ain't for the faint of Heart

The month that gives us valentines day, MLK day, and the Hood Internet in Missoula (PSYCHED!) also has one more little special place in my heart....train like a motha fukah month! Thats right, the next 26 days are dedicated to getting into mad shape to lay siege to this springs projects (SEE PREVIOUS POST!).

"So what does this training consist of?" you might ask, well, i'll tell ya...

Monday- run 1.5 miles (Or other cardio), abs,campus board
Tuesday- boulder hard for 2 hrs, then pointer game
Wednesday- run 1.5 miles, boulder, and some free weights
Thursday- abs, lift, and maybe pickup soccer in the evenings
Fri- easy ropes. And party
Sat & Sun- climb outside

luckily i have dylan, and joe to help with the daunting task of getting my BBs ass into shape.

here are some pics pre woody session today.


king of the castle