31 January 2010

Cuz all the cool kids are doing it....

seems that everywhere you look on the cyberclimbing scene one thing is at the forefront of most climbers' blogs- LISTS! the greatest v8s, the best V10s in each state, interactive polls getting readers feedback for the BEST boulder problems of every grade, etc etc. so now i'm gonna make a list, for a couple of reasons.

1) i'm more inclined to do something that i've written down. like mapping out feb into a nazi like 28 day regimented training of suffering (hope your psyched for it dylan, i guess you just got your cardio in...)

2) the list will be a (somewhat) tangible checklist i can look back on and say, "Hell Yes! Progression. I set these goals, attained this and that, YIIIPPPEEEE." It'll serve as a motivational training tool.

3) i'm cool. right? right. and TONS of people read this blog.

So, here we go 2010. You've been marked...

In Mantana....

Inertia, v6, Whiskey Gulch
Crimpers of Doom, v6, Whiskey Gulch
Arete of Doom, v6, Whiskey Gulch
Hooray for Boobies, v6, Lolo
Flying Lotus, v7, Lolo
Great White, v7, Lolo
Heartbroken, v7/8, Lolo
Caught in the Act, v7/8, Whiskey Gulch
Green Monster, v8, Whiskey Gulch
The Maverick, v9, Sweathouse

Other Places i should be at some point in the year....

Cocaine Corner, v5, Yosemite
Kill by Numbers, v5, Joe's Valley
Scary Monsters, v5/6/7, Joe's Valley
I'd Rather be Climbing Her, v6, Joe's Valley
Pocket Rocket, v6,Joe's Valley
Slopester, v6, Yosemite
Save Yourself, v7, Joe's Valley
The King, v7, Yosemite
Hexcentric, v7, Yosemite
Dark Continent, v8, Joe's Valley
G2-07,v8, Joe's Valley
They Call him Jordan, v8, Joe's Valley
Bring the Heat-Whole, v8, Joe's Valley
The Hulk, v8, Joe's Valley
Team Effort sit down start, v9, Joe's Valley
Worst Case Scenario, v9, Joe's Valley

anything else??? feel free to hollar

28 January 2010

movie time!

amateur at best, but entertaining. mostly of kyle crushing rock, with one of myself waging war

and with what might have the most homoerotic editing ever, kyle continues his rock crushing domination.....

26 January 2010

A few from the 'milks....

purty pictures

Scotty sending Saigon

Jarred on Get Carter

cruxing on High Plains Drifter

Scotty on Rios Crack

Bethany on Go Granny Go

clowning in Tonopah

16 January 2010

best youtube climbing vid...EVER!

i wanna scream like this man! awesome

blogs suck- that's why i created one....

i don't really like the idea of blogs- especially climbing blogs. they seem designed to sing one's own praises, accolades, trials or whatever. ie, today i sent this and that and it was this hard and seemed soft and i'm downgrading it and 8a this and that and blah blah blah...i just want to post pictures and talk shit. if you don't like what i have to say, then go somewhere else.......

.....so here goes.......

yesterday i got back from 2weeks in Bishop. it was awesome! hands down, climbing vacations are the best kind. living in the dirt, eating eggs and cheese, doing whatever the fuck we want, getting drunk. oh, and climbing! so much climbing. as one person we met on the trip stated, "I feel sorry for people who don't go on climbing trips; its the best lifestyle. The people you meet, the places you see, the things you do, its the full experience...." WORD!

*sidenote- there were more beautiful babes crushing stone in one climbing area at one time then is healthy. walked around with a floner (term coined by my friend joe, i'll let you deduce the meaning) for the duration of the trip. THANK YOU HOT CHICAS THAT CRUSHED (my heart and handlebars).